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Why should I choose NGM instead of a different platform?

Who is behind NGM?

How can I participate in NGM?

Can I remain a member of an auction or another sales platform?

Which companies participate in NGM?

How will participating in NGM benefit me?

How much does NGM cost?

Can I also trade future deliveries via NGM, or only stock for immediate delivery?

Who pays the delivery costs?

Is it possible, as supplier, to deliver goods to a buyer at a location other than my own auction site?

Who supplies photos of products for use in NGM?

Does NGM support my ERP software?

Can I cancel my subscription with NGM?

What do Cotradr and Direct-Connect stand for?

How does NGM determine prices for goods?

What is NGM’s policy on packaging?

Can all growers and traders participate?

How can I contact NGM?

Is there a minimum and/or maximum transaction volume?

How are the specifications and the quality of products determined?

What happens if the product supplied does not conform to the specifications in the supply line?

What happens if a purchased lot cannot be delivered, or is not delivered on time?

How are transactions paid for?

If I buy a lot from a supplier based outside the Netherlands, do I have to pay VAT?

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