How does NGM work for suppliers

How does NGM work for me as a grower/supplier?

  1. In consultation with one of our employees, a connection is made in your ERP package. From that moment on, your offer will be visible to you in New Green Market.
  2. Determine which items you want to offer and at what price.
  3. Determine the customers you want to do business with.
  4. Buyers will then be able to see your offer and buy your products.
  5. You will receive a message via email and a confirmation in your ERP package as soon as items have been sold.
  6. You now only have to ensure that the products arrive at the right time and place.
  7. The financial settlement of the order takes place automatically, depending on the payment choice.

What will change for suppliers during the next phase?

Green matches:

  • You’ll receive messages with matches about buyers who are looking for products for the prices and conditions you’ve specified.
  • You’ll receive messages with near matches about buyers who are looking for products that you can sell, but at, for example, a different price.
    You’ll then have the option to adjust the difference to create a match.


  • After receiving an order, a message goes to the control tower to schedule a trip with the carrier. You’ll therefore no longer have to take care of the delivery logistics yourself. You’ll receive a message from the control tower about the products to be delivered, the collection time, delivery location and delivery time.

Payment methods:

    • You’ll soon be able to choose from different payment methods.


Ready to discover your green matches?

Prefer to have a look around first? No problem, request a demo! We’re happy to give a free demonstration of the system.

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